Welcome to electronic invoicing for GSK Vaccines

As part of GSK's Procure-to-Pay strategy that started a few years ago, GSK Vaccines has been moving to electronic invoicing in order to receive 100% of its incoming invoices via e-invoicing.

The processing of traditional paper invoices has always been costly, time-consuming, and prone to errors and late payments. We strongly believe adopting e-invoicing is one of the steps we both need to take to meet our mandatory e-invoicing programme and bring benefits to both our businesses. We have partnered with Tungsten Network because they have the most trusted global electronic invoicing platform and accommodate businesses of varying sizes, systems, and processing capability. Since 2013, successive successful onboarding campaigns have been launched by our partner Tungsten Network (leading global e-invoicing network), to facilitate your transition to e-invoicing.

Most of GSK’s suppliers, located in Europe, North America, and Asia have already registered for e-invoicing with Tungsten Network and have been submitting their invoices via Tungsten since 2013. We are currently launching the “Remaining suppliers” onboarding campaign as GSK drives towards removing all non-electronic invoicing over time and e-invoicing will soon become the prerequisite to do business with GSK Vaccines entities worldwide.

Based on strong performance measurements and feedback from our onboarded suppliers, we are confident of the numerous benefits of using e-invoicing. One of the most important concerns for suppliers is definitively getting paid on time in order to improve your cash-flow management. Within GSK Vaccines, it has been observed that e-invoicing has increased the “Paid on time” indicator by more than 10%. Registering on the Tungsten Network, you will experience greater efficiencies from GSK Vaccines’ Accounts Payable department processing your invoices. We are confident you will see significant benefits to your business including:

Fast, guaranteed invoice delivery within 24 hours
Greater visibility
Improved cash-flow management
Fewer mistakes with early invoice validation
Purchase orders available
Cost-effective administrative process

Moreover, the new pricing policy of Tungsten Network clearly encourages you to join:

  • Any suppliers choosing the “Web Form” option receive the first 52 invoices per year for free
  • Any suppliers choosing the “Integrated Solution” option (subject to annual fees) receive the first 520 invoices per year for free

Tungsten Network, the world’s largest electronic trading network, connects buyers and suppliers around the world. With no hardware or software to install, Tungsten Network offers two easy methods to electronically send your invoices to GSK Vaccines:

One e-invoicing network, two solutions


The Tungsten Network Integrated Invoice Solution is recommended for users who send a high volume of invoices.

  • 520 free invoices annually
  • Send directly from your accounting system
  • Invoice status updates & email notifications
  • Send yourself copies of the invoices and create custom reports
  • Customer Connect
  • Early payment capability

Web Form

The Tungsten Network Web Form Invoice Solution is recommended for users who send a low volume of invoices.

  • 52 free invoices annually
  • Send invoices through the Tungsten Portal
  • Invoice status updates & email notifications
  • Send yourself copies of the invoices and create custom reports
  • Customer Connect
  • Early payment capability

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